IRMC Patient Portal

Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC), a leading healthcare provider in Western Pennsylvania, recognizes the importance of empowering patients with access to their health information. The IRMC Patient Portal, powered by the Health eHeart platform, offers a secure and convenient way for patients to engage in their healthcare journey. This comprehensive online tool provides access to medical records, appointment scheduling, secure messaging with providers, and a wealth of resources to support patients in managing their health.

What is the IRMC Patient Portal?

The IRMC Patient Portal is a secure online platform that acts as a digital bridge between patients and their healthcare providers. It serves as a centralized hub for managing your health information, allowing you to stay informed, engaged, and connected with your care team.

Accessing the IRMC Patient Portal

Accessing your IRMC Patient Portal is simple and can be done in two ways:


Visit the IRMC website:

Click on the “Patient Portal” link, usually located in the top menu or in the “Patients and Visitors” section.

You will be redirected to the patient portal login page:

Mobile App:

Currently, IRMC does not offer a dedicated mobile app for their patient portal. However, you can still access the portal through your mobile device’s web browser. The portal is optimized for mobile devices, so you can easily use it on your smartphone or tablet.

Key Features of the IRMC Patient Portal

The IRMC Patient Portal offers a wide range of features designed to enhance your healthcare experience:

Medical Record Access:

  • View lab results, radiology reports, and other test results.
  • Review your medical history, including diagnoses, medications, allergies, and immunizations.
  • Access visit summaries, discharge instructions, and clinical notes.

Appointment Management:

  • Schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments with your IRMC providers.
  • View upcoming and past appointment details.
  • Receive appointment reminders via email or text message.

Secure Messaging:

  • Communicate securely with your healthcare providers.
  • Ask questions, request prescription refills, or discuss your concerns.
  • Receive messages from your providers about test results or other important health information.

Medication Management:

  • View your current medications and request refills.
  • Access information about your medications, including dosage instructions and potential side effects.

Health Summary:

View a summary of your health information, including your medical conditions, allergies, medications, and immunizations.

Track your health goals and progress over time.

Bill Pay:

View and pay your IRMC medical bills online.

Access billing statements and payment history.

Patient Education:

Access a library of health information and educational resources on various topics.

Learn about preventive care measures and healthy lifestyle choices.

Additional Features:

Update your personal and contact information.

View educational videos and tutorials.

Complete health questionnaires and surveys.

Benefits of Using the IRMC Patient Portal

Convenience: Manage your healthcare needs 24/7 from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Empowerment: Take a more active role in your health by staying informed about your medical information and treatment options.

Improved Communication: Easily and securely communicate with your healthcare team.

Time Efficiency: Save time by scheduling appointments, requesting refills, and accessing information online.

Enhanced Care Coordination: Share your medical information with other providers easily.

Technical Support

If you need assistance accessing or using the IRMC Patient Portal, you can contact the Help Desk at 724.357.7011. They can help you with registration, login issues, technical problems, or any questions you may have.

The IRMC Patient Portal is a valuable resource for patients who want to take an active role in their healthcare. By utilizing the portal’s features, you can stay informed about your health, communicate effectively with your healthcare providers, and make informed decisions about your care.