We love our staff! They are the heart of our two veterinary practices. We have a dedicated team of wonderful people ready to help. They love their job and love animals, that is why we are here.

Glen L. Jensen, DVM

Owner and Veterinarian

Species Interests: Companion Animal, Farm Animal, Performance Horses.

Interests: Reproductive Medicine, Wound Treatment and Rehabilitation (especially equine), Farm Production Management

Dr. Jensen moved to Redmond, Utah next to his grandparents around his 6th birthday. The next 18 years were spent on his grandpas’ farm where he learned to love animals. Grandpa had cattle and sheep as the main part of ranching but for personal uses also had chickens, pigs, dogs and cats.

Dr. Jensen attended Utah State University then went on to Kansas State University where he graduated with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. He then moved to Moab, Utah where he spent the next 3.5 years starting his veterinary career.

Dr. Jensen has always had a dream to own his own veterinary practice. In October of 1997 he moved to Castle Dale, Utah where he started his first veterinary clinic in the basement of his house while he was building his current veterinary hospital. Dr. Jensen loves the rural setting and the opportunities that it provides.

Dr. Jensen met his wife Leslie while attending Utah State University. They have five children, Brooke, Dawson, Levi, Megan and Parker, who are heavily involved with sports, and other school activities. In their free time they spend more time on sports but also camping, hiking, repelling, snow sports and just having a good time exploring the great outdoors.

Sharmon Gilbert

Associate Veterinarian

Species Interests: Small Companion Animal, Small Ruminants

Interests: Dentistry, Internal Medicine, Pet Wellness Programs

I was raised in South Jordan Utah when it was much more rural. I lived close to what is now the Salt Lake Equestrian Center and I was horse crazy.

I loved science and math and this is why becoming a veterinarian interested me. I graduated from Bingham High School 8th in a class of about 870 and was our Science Sterling Scholar. I attended Utah State University on an academic scholarship and was there 3 years earning a BS in Bio-veterinary Science before being accepted to Washington State University Veterinary school. During my last year at Utah State, I married my husband Paul. He and I moved to a little town called Albion Washington and we worked hard while I attended veterinary school.

We had our first daughter my freshman year. We also kept two dogs, two horses and a donkey while I was in school. I graduated in 1995 with my DVM and we came home for a job in West Jordan, Utah. I worked there about one year and then began working for Timpanogos Animal Hospital in Pleasant Grove. I worked there over 9 years. We decided to move to Emery County when we had an opportunity to buy a farm. We have also increased our family since vet school. We now have four girls and one boy. Many of our interests revolve around our family. Along with kids, we raise hay, and a few beef cows. Our family enjoys riding horses and playing with our four dogs. As a veterinarian I enjoy helping people take care of their animals. One area I am involved in is dental care for our dogs and cats. I love helping animals and their owners who love them and love living here in Emery County.

Kylie Wilson

Veterinary Technician

Interests: Working with small animals.

Kylie is 27 years old and started working at Carbon Animal Health in May 2017. She always had a passion for animals and brought home every stray pet she could find as a little girl.
Kylie knew from a very young age that she wanted to work in the veterinary field.
Although Kylie loves all animals, reptiles are her favorite! She has a Ball Python, Spook.  a dog named Rowdy, and angus cattle throughout the year, that her and her husband raise on their farm together.
Kylie has a very kind heart, free spirit and loving demeanor that values all life. She loves the work she does at Carbon and Emery Animal Health.

Jessie Wells

Graduated Veterinary Technician & Office Coordinator in Price

Interests: Exotic animals

Jessie is a native of Wellington. She grew up with a variety of animals. She lived next to a farm and enjoyed the horses but always had a reptile or amphibian in the house. She was ingrained with a deep love and respect for all animals at an early age. Jessie always knew that her career would be with animals. She did have a brief period of wanting to be an astronaut…but who doesn’t?

Jessie received her first iguana at age 18 as a graduation present. She has been hooked ever since. Ask anyone, they will tell you that she is very obsessed with iguanas and reptiles in general.

Jessie briefly attended CEU after high school but went to Broadview University in January of 2008 to attend Veterinary Technician School. She loved college after that and met many great friends and had an awesome time there. She graduated BU early in December of 2009 with an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. She then worked at an exotic animal hospital for 6 months before moving home.

Jessie has been working at Emery & Carbon Animal Health since May of 2011. She has learned a lot about horses and livestock and has loved every minute of her employment. Even though the clinic does not see many exotic animals…ugh!
Jessie is now the Director of Medicine. She loves to be the anesthesia technician and spend her time taking care of the sick animals. She admittedly tries to bribe the other technicians so she can stay in the back and help with surgeries or take care of hospitalized pets.

Lauran Murdock

Veterinary Technician

Interests: Equine Performance

Lauran,  A southern girl to the core, has always been surrounded by horses, dogs, cats and animals around the farm including a pet raccoon she rescued. She has always loved and cared for animals of any kind. Growing up she competed in horse shows, 4H, Rodeo, Barrel Racing, and currently still competes in Rodeos and Barrel Racing.
She has always had a love for animals but most of all the Equine athletes!

Lauran attended Southwest Community College, in Memphis TN, where she was born and raise. Her passion lies in applying her knowledge and experience to help out patients and owners anyway she can, figuring them out, being a part of their progress, growth, rehabilitation, nutrition specific to each individual animal and helping them thrive in their own, as well as herself! You can never learn enough!

Lauran has worked at Emery and Carbon Animal Health since 2015.  Is now a Lead Technician and director of our Bovine/Equine division.  She loves assisting in surgeries, especially orthopedic, and treatment. She thrives in tense situations like emergencies, surgeries and what others would probably call the “gory” or challenging stuff! Ok, so it may not be that big of a secret! 😉  When she’s not at the clinic she enjoys her time with her family, hunting, rodeo, working horses… pretty much anything that keeps her outside and from cleaning the house!


Kaitlyn Birch

Veterinarian Technician

Interests: Equine, Emery County Pound

Kaitlyn has lived on a farm in Elmo for about 16 years, and has loved living out in the middle of nowhere. She says having no neighbors is pretty great! Kaitlyn has had a love for horses since a very early age. It has since grown into a passion that she plans to carry on into her future. Her animals are her pride and joy and what she looks forward to when she gets up in the mornings and when she get home from work. Kaitlyn started working here in February of 2015 as one of our kennel techs. She enjoyed working with the animals that would come in whether they were boarding or pound. She also enjoyed assisting the veterinarian if he had emergency calls while she was there. In October of 2016 she decided to step up and become a technician.

Kaitlyn now has five horses and three dogs. Chief a 30 year old quarter horse, Skip a quarter horse that is about 27 years old, Twinkie a Belgian that is around 20 years old, Addie a 9 year old quarter horse, and Skye an almost 3 year old paint. Chevy is a 3 year old schnauzer mix, Sebastian is a year old basset mix, and Clover is a year old border-collie mix.

Kaitlyn loves every one of her animals even the ones that have since passed.