Wilmington Health Patient Portal

Wilmington Health, a leading multi-specialty healthcare provider in southeastern North Carolina, understands that patients need easy access to their health information. Their Patient Portal, a secure online platform, empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey by providing convenient access to medical records, appointment scheduling, secure messaging with providers, and a wealth of educational resources.

What is the Wilmington Health Patient Portal?

The Wilmington Health Patient Portal is your personalized online gateway to your medical information and healthcare services at Wilmington Health. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your experience, improve communication with your healthcare team, and streamline the management of your health.

Accessing the Wilmington Health Patient Portal

Accessing your patient portal account is simple and can be done in two ways:


Mobile App (Patient PORTAL):

  • Download the “Patient PORTAL” app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  • Open the app and enter your patient portal username and password.

Creating a Patient Portal Account

If you don’t have a Wilmington Health Patient Portal account yet, you can easily create one:

  • Eligibility: All current Wilmington Health patients with a valid email address are eligible to use the portal.
  • Registration: You’ll receive a registration link and temporary password via email after your visit. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.
  • In-Person Registration: If you haven’t received an email or prefer to register in person, ask for assistance at the front desk during your next visit.

Key Features of the Wilmington Health Patient Portal

The patient portal offers a wide range of features designed to enhance your healthcare experience:

Medical Record Access:

  • Lab Results: View your lab results as soon as they are available.
  • Medication List: See a list of your current medications, dosages, and instructions.
  • Immunization Records: Access your immunization history.
  • Visit Summaries: Review summaries of your doctor’s visits, including diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Problem List: See a list of your active medical conditions.

Appointment Management:

  • Schedule Appointments: Book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with your Wilmington Health providers online.
  • Appointment Reminders: Receive notifications and reminders about upcoming appointments via email, text, or push notification.

Secure Messaging:

  • Communicate with Your Care Team: Send and receive secure messages with your doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.
  • Ask Questions: Get answers to your health-related questions and concerns.
  • Request Prescription Refills: Request refills for your medications electronically.
  • Administrative Inquiries: Send non-urgent messages regarding appointments, referrals, or other administrative matters.

Bill Pay:

  • View and Pay Bills: Access and pay your Wilmington Health bills online.
  • Billing Statements: View your billing statements and payment history.

Health Information and Resources:

  • Patient Education: Access a library of educational materials on various health topics.
  • Health Tracker: Track your health goals, such as weight, blood pressure, and exercise.
  • Medication Information: Learn more about your medications, including side effects and interactions.

Benefits of Using the Wilmington Health Patient Portal

Convenience: Manage your healthcare needs 24/7 from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Empowerment: Take an active role in your health by staying informed about your medical information and treatment options.

Improved Communication: Easily and securely communicate with your healthcare team.

Time Efficiency: Save time by scheduling appointments, requesting refills, and accessing information online.

Privacy and Security: Your health information is protected by industry-standard security measures.

Final Word

The Wilmington Health Patient Portal is a valuable resource that empowers you to take an active role in your healthcare. By utilizing the portal’s features, you can stay informed about your health, communicate effectively with your care team, and make more informed decisions about your medical care.